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After a high risk situation with a sex worker

After a high risk situation with a sex worker I did a hiv1 pcr test after 13 days which was negative. I also have done a 4th gen hiv test with P24 After 21 days ..also negative and at yesterday I took a second 4th generation hiv combo test and I am waiting for the results which will take another two days and it’s driving me crazy… I feel that I have ARS Symptomes even though I have two negative tests. My question is if I was in the process of seroconversion would antibodies be present or does that happen afterwards… to relieve the pressure a bit I would like to use my biosure test today and wondered what the accuracy level would be at 41 days….

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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 28th March 2017

Hi DeeDee - I can completely empathise with your situation. I will try to answer your questions as simply as possible. The symptoms of acute retroviral syndrome are caused by the bodies reaction to a rapid increase in the numbers of the virus in the blood stream. Some of the symptoms do not require antibodies to appear. However, this expansion of the virus very quickly - 24hrs to 7 days - leads to the production of antibodies that can be detected by the BioSURE HIV self test. At 41 days a negative BioSURE HIV Self Test would be very encouraging but could not be relied on. Our best estimate would be that a negative result would be correct just over 90% of the time. From what you have described your best outcome will come from the 4th generation test that you are waiting results for. By all means take the BioSURE HIV Self Test. If it is positive the result would be accurate. If negative as I said it will be about 90% reliable. All the test results you have received are very encouraging. The results of your generation test will be definitive. I am sorry that I can't provide more certainty at this time, but you have already taken the best actions. Please let me know how everything works out. Kindest regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

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