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A question.

If you have HIV symptoms and you take an HIV test because of symptoms, will the test detected the HIV? Or one may have symptoms but viruse does not appear in the blood sample ?? I hope you under stand what i mean with this question.

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 Thinking on 09th February 2016

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question . I orderd a BioSURE HIV Self Test , so now I am waiting for it to arrive . Incredibly happy that there is such a test. Thanks to you BioSURE .

Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK)
 Work on 09th February 2016

Thanks for your question. If you have symptoms that are caused by HIV infection this means that your body is making antibodies to the virus. The BioSURE HIV Self Test detects these antibodies. This means that if you have symptoms, then the test will detect your infection. I hope that this answers your question.

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