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A little worry??

I have take two times, first was at 82 days(almost 12 weeks) after taking risk(with condom) and another one today both were negative. The second time I took the result to GP and let some nurse see the result and explain it for me they said it also negative, this kit it’s kind of thing like pregnant test kit, because if I have a positive the second line have to come up even in a tiny bit line but it was not (maybe I am too much worry) so I have a proper test with the nurse and the result is coming soon, hope it’s will be the same NEGATIVE!!!!

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 Used on 25th March 2016

Arrived quickly and discreetly. Very easy to use.

Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK)
 Work on 02nd December 2015

Thank you for your post and it's fantastic that you have chosen to take an HIV test. We're glad the result was negative. Clearly you have performed and read the result of the test correctly and you understood the "window period" of the test. When performed correctly, the BioSure HIV Self Test is as accurate as the tests used by GPs and Sexual Health Clinics. We know that taking an HIV self test can be stressful for some people and fortunately we have an NHS that can be accessed for support for those people who feel they need it, positive or negative. The UK is one of the best countries in the world for treatment of HIV, but the one area we need to improve on as a nation is testing. So your decision to test is absolutely the right one and should set an example to others. I am sure that your confirmatory test will come back negative, but please keep us posted. BioSure (UK)

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