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12 week negative test with swollen neck

I had unprotected sex over 12 weeks ago. I tested negative on biosure at 11 weeks ( 77days) and negative again at 12 weeks (85 days) . I have a swollen neck ( goiter?) and really concerned that I may have contracted HIV. Should I test again? I am right to be worried.

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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 03rd April 2018

Hi JHB Thanks for getting in touch with us. A negative test result from a BioSURE HIV Self Test taken at 11 weeks after possible infection will be reliable. There is really no difference between performance at 11 and 12 weeks. I hope that this answers your question. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

 Used on 29th March 2018

I tested hiv negative on 11week using self test how safe am I or I can rely with that test

Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 23rd February 2018

Hi Nitin Thanks for getting in touch with us. From the history described and the testing that you have done there is very little chance that you are HIV positive. If you perform another test 91 days after exposure this will give you a definitive answer. I hope that this helps. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

 Used on 21st February 2018

I have tested at 17 days after an relationship which was a protective and 10 sec oral to a unknown girl then tested with ELISA hiv 1 and hiv 2 test. Resulted negative. Then at 36 days tested PCR RNA QUALITATIVE it also found to be Non detectable( negative) after 48 days tested with ELISA and other STDs checkup once again it was found to be negative and chlamydia found to positive. Doctor prescribed me to take dyoxyline. My next test will be on 91 day . No other symptoms except tongues taste to be so bitter from day 1 after relationship. Is there any chance of getting infected with HIV. ( bitter taste continues for more than 74 days ) which is disturbing my daily work.

Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 19th February 2018

Hi Extremely Worried Thanks for getting in contact. I would not recommend that you need to test again. A negative result at 12 weeks is reliable. If you have done two tests it is virtually impossible that both would be wrongly negative. If your swollen neck symptoms continue I would suggest visiting your GP but not as a consequence of HIV. I hope that this helps to put your mind at rest, Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

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