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Why can’t I have my appointments in Harlow? (and not Bishop’s Stortford)

I am expecting my third baby. I have had my 1st two at Harlow hospital and the care was great. I think they do a great job in maternity. Unfortunately because I live in Bishops Stortford I don’t get my pregnancy appointments with the midwives from Harlow, I see midwives from Hertfordshire. I am very disappointed because I see a different one each time and they don’t seem to know much about Harlow. One midwife told me last week that there are now seven birth pools at Harlow, but I know there are three in the birth unit and one in the delivery suite because I have done a tour there and seen them! Why can’t I just have my appointments with Harlow midwives, or could someone train the ones in herts please.

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