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Patient of West Essex about Chiropody



What has happened to Chiropody service in West Essex?

What has happened to our chiropody service? It is all but defunct and has been decimated so that it may as well not be there. I used to have my feet seen every 6-8 weeks but my last appointment was 15 weeks ago. I cannot see to cut my nails and am diabetic, so it is not safe for anyone else to do them. My nails were a full centimetre from the end of my toe and it was very painful to wear shoes or to walk. Because of the length,of the nail, it was hitting the inside of the shoe and had lifted causing bruising at the base of the nail and a lot of pain, day and night. We are told to take great care of our diabetic feet and I try to, but it seems the local NHS managers don’t think this is important. They should be preventing problems rather that fighting fires after problem occur, which could have been prevented.

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 Public on 17th May 2013

Come on whoever is responsible for the Chiropody service to diabetic patients.  Please let us have a suitable explanation and news that this matter is being dealt with urgent. This behaviour is disgraceful bearing in mind the seriousness of care of the feet of our local Diabetics.  With all the reports on the news today about the serious neglect of patients at Stafford Hospital this letter to PEBL is showing up a serious neglect in West Essex!

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