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Wood ford
Patient of West Essex about Prostate



Wasn’t warned about urine retention when informed of his BPH. Neglect?

Not so much PSA result choices but Urine retention with prostate constricture! Why wasn’t I advised when I was diagnosed with BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) that urine retention could happen and what symptoms to be aware of. I have severe retention but no kidney, bladder or back pain. Delaying getting appointments and scan etc have resulted in overloaded kidneys and bladder and possible bladder damage that will probably leave me having to use a catheter for life. ? Neglect?

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 Patient of West Essex on 06th July 2012

Would be prepared to speak with a health professional about Prostate Care but who?

 Public of West Essex on 21st May 2012

Wood ford it seems to me you might well has some very good ideas of how prostate services can be improved in the future so that your experiences don't happen to others. Maybe you could share your ideas with a health professional you feel comfortable sharing your story with. - as well as blogging again? This to me seems the way forward to making improvements. Well done wood ford for starting this process, looking forward to hearing what went well and what could have been improved, and who else you think could be involved in making this a better service for men.

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