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Patient of West Essex



Uncomfortable and Upsetting - I was questioned about MS in front of everyone at the Pharmacy.

I recently had a MS relapsed and went to see an emergency doctor as my MS is extremely new to me. The doctor was brilliant and consulted my neuro surgeon who rather than send me into hospital (which I was very grateful for) prescribed me steroids to get me walking and talking again. The doctors phoned the chemist as he wasn’t sure if they would have the pills and that they were strong. When I finally got to the chemist the pharmacist came out and in front of all in the chemist asked me why I was prescribed the steroids, I said to her that the Doctor had just phoned through and she said “yes I know but why do you want the pills?”. I found this both extremely uncomfortable and upsetting especially in front of everyone around. I haven’t got my head around MS let alone saying it in front of people!!!!!!!!!!

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