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treatment provided by Ipswich Hospital

My husband was admitted to Ipswich hospital by his GP. On the second day we were told, following a scan, that my husband had a tumour.

Day 7 – A specialist nurse was introduced to us. Later that day, despite receiving no further information regarding the level of my husbands tumour I received a sick certificate for my husbands employer. The certificate confirmed that my husband had a malignant tumour.
Day 8 – The specialist nurse informed my husband and myself the grade of my husbands tumour. We were given reading material to take home.

The tumour and the level of medication being given were having effects on my husbands behaviour. He had limited short term memory and confusion. Above my husbands bed was a board for medical information which only contained my husbands name.
On three occasions he walked out of the wards on his own. The first time I was informed, the second myself and family assisted the staff to find him but on the third occasion I found out from the wife of another patient that she had seen him standing by the cycle sheds outside the hospital. I was not informed my medical staff that the last event had occurred.
On two occasions during his stay he did not receive his medication.

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