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Patient of Harlow about Princess Alexandra Hospital



The whole process was a bit more stressful than it needed to be...

Before having my little lady the community midwives were great. I did manage to see every member of the team but they all seemed to be singing from the same song sheet so that didn’t matter too much. When my contractions started they went straight to being every 4-5 minutes so off we went (as instructed), as I was only 1cm they sent me home (which was fine) and said to come back if I had any bleeding. 8 hours later i lost some blood so they called me back in again, bleeding stopped and still only 1cm so sent home again and told come come back if there was any further problems. On we went and the second day of 4-5 minute contractions i was starting to struggle as was getting so tired and my TENS was starting to not help so much so we went back in. The labour ward was very busy at this time so was put in a room for ages until they came to see me. Was still only 1cm so was told to go home have a bath and take a paracetamol (at which point I was very ready to cry). I deal with pain very well but i was in a lot of pain at this point, I felt as I appeared to be coping what I was saying was brushed off. So home we went. 4 hours later my waters went with an uncontrollable urge to push. The labour ward asked us to call an ambulance and our lovely community midwife was called out of clinic. The ambulance arrived first and told me to push, when the midwife arrived she told me not to as was only 7cm, but at least I had some gas and air. We arrived at the labour ward who told the ambulance to take me to the birthing unit as I was “low risk”. I was transported to the birth unit. In the short drive to PAH I was 10cm when we arrived so everything was very quick from then onwards. The midwives started to worry that the babies heart beat was dropping too much with every push. A doctor was called and wanted to take me to the labour ward. A new (amazing) midwife came in who decided that an episiotomy would be better so i stayed in the birthing unit. That midwife was totally brilliant, she looked after me afterwards and even gave the baby her full checks, she made me feel like the most important person in the world. By the time I was transferred to the little ward everyone else was going home so I ended up being the only mum in the birthing unit so decided to go home that night as it was very eery! The whole process seemed a bit more stressful than it needed to be but the result in the end was all good.

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