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Testing my son

After a bombshell conversation where my son told me there was a slim chance he had been infected with HIV, we booked an immediate appointment with the GP. Since that blood test could take up to 2 weeks to come back, we all decided we wanted a quicker answer. Thankfully with the next day before 1pm delivery option, we were able to get something that after 15 minutes would give us a pretty accurate result.

I familiarised myself with the video and was confident, but in case I wasn’t the very helpful man who answered my email offered me any help I wanted, at any point. The pin prick didn’t hurt, thanks to me researching to do it at the side of the finger (the pad can be painful) Thankfully, as we watched the control line appeared meaning we had done it right. And no further line.

Obviously we still need to wait for the blood tests to come back to be sure, but it was a relief.

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