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I am so thankful for this test. I had put off and put off going to get a test in a clinic or at the doctors for the simple reason that I was petrified of getting the result. I had convinced myself the result would be positive but I couldn’t bring myself to confirm it. Head in sand.
Yesterday morning, I woke up and decided enough was enough – I need to know and at least I can start doing something about it if it was indeed positive. I ordered the test (very straightforward and easy to use website) and was relieved to see a next day delivery option so went for that as I just wanted to get it over with.
Test arrived this morning (signed for) and although I was shaking uncontrollably I was still feeling determined to just get it out of the way and find out once and for all.
The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I had also watched the video instructions online so I had an idea of what to expect.
Bizarely, I was really nervous about pricking my finger but even that bit didn’t hurt, it just felt like a pinch!
I was relieved to see that the moment the test began and I set my timer for 15 minutes it became obvious that I had done it all correctly (I was worried that after all the build up my test would somehow fail or I would do it incorrectly and void it) but everything happened as expected and the control line appeared clearly, very quickly.
That was the longest 15 minutes of my life but I went and had a shower, relieved to see that only the control line remained at the half way point.
At the end of the 15 minutes, I still only had the control line and I could have cried with happiness. Such a relief! I was expecting that maybe I would see another faint line or find it difficult to tell anything at all… but it was all extremely clear to read.
I really can’t stress how thankful I am for this test, I don’t think I could have gotten up the nerve to go to a clinic and wait.. I don’t know why but the idea filled me with terror.
Now I have had the neg result, I will still, in a few weeks, go for a retest at a clinic and get myself a full check up but this time I know I’ll be OK to do that because this test has alievated my worst fears and that peace of mind has given me my life back. I’m a natural born worrier (about everything!) and I was already set for a + result. I just couldn’t have handled finding out anywhere other than my own home.
Thank you for making this test available.
Thoroughly recomended!!

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