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Concerned with Parkinsons
Patient of West Essex about Specialist Nurses



Specialist nurse service in West Essex is being spread too thinly

I write to express my concern about the possibility of the Specialist Nurses within West Essex being removed or spread too thin to be able to do what they are trained, experienced and extremely good at, PROVIDING EXPERT SPECIALIST CARE. I see my GP, who is good but even by his own admission is not a specialist in the area of Parkinson’s Disease or managing my medication and advising about all the other “hidden” things I get to deal with on a daily basis. I get to see my consultant for about 10 minutes once or twice a year and his time is so limited I feel I can’t discuss any of my concerns and worries as he will not have the time without it impacting upon the busy waiting room. BUT I get to see my Parkinson’s Nurse (PDNS) at clinic and she has the time and knowledge I both need and value. She is also available on the telephone for a chat if I have any issues in between appointments. I am aware the PCT have decided not to provide any cover for the Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurse whilst she is off on maternity leave and my PDNS is now also having to look after people with this condition as well as all those with Parkinson’s Disease??? Why??? I have never felt grateful for having this disabling disease but I am grateful I don’t have MS within West Essex at the present time. I KNOW BUDGETS ARE TIGHT BUT PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE BEFORE CONSIDERING CUTTING SPECIALIST NURSES (Here’s a suggestion for you managers, look at the waste within the NHS and do something about this rather than essential front line staff)

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