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Patient of Harlow about St Alexandra



Shocking experiences in Harlow -”The NHS is a joke - I could have died”

I was bleeding uncontrollably for 6 weeks – period gone wrong. No one should be bleeding for 6 weeks and not see a doctor. I saw my GP who did nothing about it when I told them that I was bleeding so heavy that I could not leave my house on most days. I went to the walk-in centre in Harlow to be told that it had closed down one year ago. This is very bad. Why is there no money for the walk-in centre? The doctors there give better care than my regular GP. The woman at the counter at the old walk-in centre told me to go to A&E. I went to the A&E there at St. Alexandra to be told by a smart-arsed girl that there ‘are no doctors there’. There is an A&E, but no doctors. Does this make sense to anyone? It makes no sense to me. There I was… bleeding out and no doctors to see me and a young girl with no experience whatsoever manning the desk who was very unhelpful, rude, aggressive and lippy with her words. I was outraged to be spoken to in this manner. She offered no help or assistance to me whatsoever and I needed medical attention immediately. I then went home and searched on the internet for walk-in centres and found one that I was able to go to. There was a 3 hour wait once I arrived there, but I was happy to see a competent doctor FINALLY. The NHS is a joke. A&E is non-existent and I really do not like being spoken to in a condescending way by a young girl with snippy little words and a voice like a pommeranian dog. It is absolutely outrageous. She offered no help whatsoever. I could have died.

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