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She made me feel as if I had no choice at all...

My first baby was born at 42 weeks, two weeks late. When i got pregnant again my antenatal teacher said it may be the same. At my 40 week appointment the midwife said she was going to book my induction date and I said I didn’t want it. She said I didn’t have to decide right now and booked another appointment for me at 41 weeks. I told her then I still wanted to wait for the baby to be born naturally and she told me it was dangerous to wait too long. She said I should go to see the consultant to talk about the risks. She made me feel like I had no choice at all. It was very difficult and I ended up getting cross about it. My baby came 12 days past my due date which was the day they said they might try to induce me. I think the baby knew and decided to come anyway, so all ends that ends well. But don’t make us feel bad if we choose not to do something.

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