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Patient of West Essex about Research




I have been sent information about taking part in research but by the time I get round to responding it is too late, I am working full time and have a busy family, and this one involved going and getting a blood test which I was not going to fit in. I did feel guilty about not doing it and they did ask me a couple of times more, perhaps if there had been a tear off slip saying ask me again in a year or so I may have had more time,and I would have thought about it a bit more. It was something to do with cancer and family history. The other study they asked me to do was really interesting and I was keen to help, something about mobile phones and the harm that the might do, I could see this was relevant to my way of life, I filled in the web based questions and then received a letter of thanks but no thanks, it might have been nice to know how many they were looking for and what the chances of being part of it were, a bit like applying for a job, all these things take up our precious time.

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