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ex Prostate Sufferer
Patient of West Essex about Princess Alexandra Hospital



Prostate Care

My experience starts way back five years ago.

I was having trouble lying on my right side and after several visits to the doctor and being sent to the odd specialist which all took time. Nothing seem to make any difference and so other things were tried.

I was sent for blood tests and amongst the tests I found out later was the PSA one; the doctor recalled me and said your PSA is higher than it should be. This didn’t mean much at the time but I was sent along to a specialist and had it confirmed that I did indeed have Prostate Cancer.

Well that was it, I decided that my life was over and death was round the corner.

The next few weeks came and went as if it was someone else with this problem.

I saw my specialist again and we decided that the correct course of action in my case was to remove the Prostate completely and have done with it.

My stay in hospital was as you might expect an anxious time but I was looked after very well and came out with no pain no real problems and the expected dressings plus a catheter which was basically just a nuisance.

Time heals the surgery and dulls the memory but I still feel very great full to all concerned, in the way I was treated. I really don’t think I could have had better treatment if I had gone private,

So A big thank you to my specialist and all the nursing staff at Princess Alexandra Hospital Harlow, because without their knowledge, dedication and expertise I wouldn’t be still enjoying a very full and active life. Incidentally it didn’t solve the pain when lying on my right side, that was never found but went away on it’s own. ….. A grateful ex Prostate Cancer sufferer.

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