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Patient Z



Prescription Medicines Frustration

For the last eight years I have been a patient of a Neurologist owing to severe Migraine. My medication has changed for my migraines as the migraines change. Owing to holding an exemptions certificate for another condition, I have always chosen to get my GP to issue all prescriptions.

Yesterday I went to my local pharmacy in Ongar to collect my monthly prescription of drugs which is submitted by the pharmacy on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, as the assistant was giving me my prescriptions she made me aware that two of the items required had either been omitted altogether or had been reduced by half!

My frustration is this: If my neurologist prescribes a drug which she knows I will need, why does the relevant PCT see fit to take matters into their own hands and in my case, do as above?!

This led to me having to go down to my doctors surgery and make enquiries with the receptionist, who was the one to point out that the changes, in all probability were not made by my GP but the PCT!!!!!

Needless to say, I have never met anyone from the PCT, nor are they aware of my medical history! They certainly do not know of the reason why the drug they decided to omit is required to try and stop my migraines coming on, which incidentally are every three weeks! On top of this, the drug they halved is required to try and reduce the frequency and the migraines altogether.

So as you can see I am less than impressed that a practice such as the PCT who have never met me, nor do they know of the complexity of my medical history have risked my overall health deteriorating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would also add that after making my point with the receptionist who had some sympathy with me, I managed to obtain the drugs after the receptionist checked on her system that I was in fact allocated the drugs, hence her printing off a prescription for me, which I then collected from the pharmacy.

I would welcome any feedback that will give me reassurance for the future.

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 Public on 05th November 2013

Response to Patient Z. The PCT, when in existence, were given access to patients records via their surgery and were able to look at patients medication records. The Department of Heath told me that the practice was illegal and unethical but the PCT insisted that it wasn't! The PCT has now been replaced by the GP led Commissioning Groups.

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