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Old Fashioned Service
Patient of West Essex about Princess Alexandra Hospital



Poor service at Princess Alexandra, Harlow and Broomfield Day Clinics

Visiting Clinics – My wife & I are around 80 years old. We regularly have to visit day clinics. My wife’s experience with both Broomfield & Princess Alexandra Hospitals are very poor. We regularly have to put up with: Delays in being seen to – almost always late, raging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.Rarely see the same consultant twice! Notes often missing. most, but not all, consultants don’t care. Information often poor and begrudging. Personal experience of recent prostate surgery at Harlow was terrible. They kept me waiting from 7am to 4.40pm for the op to start. The op was fine but I left with two infections which were not picked up at the hospital. My written complaint to the hospital was met with the promise to make seating more comfortable! I never want to go into Harlow hospital again. We are to say the least very disappointed with the NHS hospital care

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