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Out of hours pathway delivers “appallingly bad service“ to blogger, whose baby was unwell.

After two days of our ten month old son being utterly miserable (but not obviously ill) he developed a very high temperature, so we called NHS Direct. Having dutifully filled in his symptoms (listlessness and a temperature of 38.2 degrees as measured in the armpit) we were advised to contact out out-of-hours GP service, which we did only to be confronted with an endlessly repeating answer-phone message that we should only call during out of hours (at 16:30 on a Sunday afternoon) and no answer. I don’t want to take my son to A&E because I know how much it costs to run the Acutes in Essex, having worked on demand management with PCTs, but I do want some reassurance that he’s just got a sore throat and not meningitis. The appallingly bad service we received is one of the reasons why the acutes continue to have a stranglehold on the NHS, and why it costs us over £100Bn each year to run it.

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