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Nurses have too many patients

I’m a cancer nurse – With the best will in the world we can only do so much within the time constraints that we have. We have bed managers on our back to clear beds, by either transfer to another hospital or home. The door is constantly revolving with patients in and patients out. Trying to give patients the dignity they deserve is not easy. Nurses give up breaks, hold off going to the toilet or getting a drink just to devote their time to their patients (well I know I do and most of my fellow nurses do) I work late every single time I\’m on shift just finishing things off that I didn\’t have time to do during my shift because I gave time to listen to my patients and to make them feel cared for. We are working under so much pressure and something, sadly, is going to give.
Patients deserve better and so do Nurses. :)

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Moaning Old Git
 Patient on 31st October 2014

You ought to try being a patient, caring for or nursing a patient with a terminal disease other than cancer.

 Employee on 18th July 2014

I agree. I too work in oncology and do exactly the same. All my colleagues do. We want to spend time with patients and their families and the only way to do that is by missing breaks and staying late. Working past the end of our 12 1/2 hour shift has become the norm now. Patients are the ones that suffer in all of this. Sometimes we send people home before that are ready because we need the beds and with community hospital beds closing this can only get worse. When I started nursing in the 80s the patient came first, now money comes before everything and it's a sad reflection of modern times.

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