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New Mummy
Patient of West Essex about Princess Alexandra Hospital



Mums who have had Cesarian Sections need more support

I delivered my son by C-section at PAH. Everyone was great at the antenatal ward at PAH and the post-natal ward, let me just put it down at the start as it is very true. First of all, I was induced and that was horrible really probably because I didn’t really believe I should have – but when stress levels are high and towards the end of the pregnancy with all its discomforts there is so much you can oppose especially when consultants recommend it. So induction didn’t work and it ended up being a C-Section. Of course after such a long unfruitful labour I didn’t mind a C-section: I wanted it. But my main point is local community support after a C-section. I wanted to breastfeed and thank God I am still breastfeeding (after 4 months), but everyone knows that after a C-section you cannot really go to breastfeeding clinics because you physically cannot get there: so it would help if you stop recommending it to a struggling C-section mum . It was really hard and had I not had the support of the family I wouldn’t have stuck to it. The visiting mid-wives were amazing, and so the health visitors, but what I want to say here is that perhaps MORE should be done for C-section mums. Some practical help would be to organise some transport where someone can come and pick new mum and baby up and take her to the closest breast feeding clinics. Dads go to work after the most 2 weeks of paternity leave but C-section mums require more support especially for the first 6 weeks. Please do more for C-section mums because I’ve met many of them and they all say the same thing…. they need more support.

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