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Lives with ES and can’t get treatment...

I am electro-sensitve – something that up to 35% of the Uk have mildly, and up to 5% badly. Yet the NHS neither recognises, nor treats this increasing health problem that is caused by modern wireless technology. This is despite the fact that WHO say all governments should recognise the condition and treat it. WHO have also upgraded mobiles to be a “possible carcinogenic”. Cancer is on the increase in the Uk – some 42% of us will get it. Knowing the above, wouldn’t you think the NHS would be keen to treat people like me? And wouldn’t you think that mobile technology would be banned from all hospitals, residential areas and all public places? Wouldn’t you think that some of the £millions of cancer research would be spent on examining the health risks of mobile technology and doing something about it? Well, this would happen in a sane world. Unfortunately, we live in an insane one. Is it a coincidence that the Murdochs hack into mobiles – therefore they need to convince us they are “safe”? Is it also a coincidence that mobile phone companies, who enjoy enviable tax allowances paid for by you and me the tax payers, fund political parties? Is it a coincidence that whenever a scientist questions the safety of mobiles, his funding is cut off? Will the NHS please stop being “politically-correct” and start doing what Bevan set the NHS up to do – treat and prevent ill health. If that means defying Murdoch and gutless politicians, so be it. I have been made very ill by wireless technology, and I need help. It is about time some of the accumulated £billions made by mobile phone companies was used to pay for the victims of their untested experiments – people like me.

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