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Clapham Bus
Patient of West Essex about MS Care



How can people find out about taking part in MS Research?

I have an acquaintance with M.S and they have asked me what I know about any research. They have mentioned that they feel abandoned because they are at an advanced stage. I can’t say I would feel qualified to advise on an particular ongoing trials, given that neurology appointments are infrequent and particularly with lack of M.S nurses, I was wondering if anyone had experience of GPs promoting and informing patients about relevant trials. I have heard about some GPs being very research active and even promoting their participation in research through ‘advertising’ at the surgeries. I think it is important for patients to learn about research through appropriately qualified people, I am unfortunately at a loss to know what to say to her about this.

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Trying to Be Helpful
 Patient of West Essex on 06th June 2013

There are lots of websites to help, but most are US centric or don't tell you where the study is running. The only one I have found that might help is the UK Clinical Trials Gateway. (Direct link: CLICK HERE ). But it comes with the advice: "If you wish to join a specific trial, you must discuss this with your own doctor who may decide to get in touch with the contact listed. " So it seems like a visit to the GP, some support trials others don't. Also contact your local PPI Champions (Public Patient Involvement - the local hospital research department should know who they are) to get your local hospital involved)

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