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Relative of Harlow about Princess Alexandra Hospital



Horrendous experiences (but wonderful doctors and admin staff)

My husband has been an in patient several times in the last few years having had to have chemo-therapy twice, and subsequent infections. The Consultants, doctors and admin assistants were wonderful during these difficult times. But, the last time he was admitted it was horrendous. This was due to the un-caring, lazy an dis-interested nursing staff with one or two exceptions. My husband was unable to eat or drink for 10 days or so had to be tube fed. He had several infections inc sepsis and an ulcerated throat also mucositis. He was covered head to toe in psoriasis too. Needless to say he was very uncomfortable,constantly extremely cold due to his loss of weight and skin problem. He was also in isolation. The nurses did not bathe or wash him or try to keep him warm or try to find ways to help him swallow. Twice I gave him bed baths myself, brought extra dressing gowns to cover his bed, and it was me that introduced custards and ice to relieve his throat and encourage swallowing.He twice fell in the corridor trying to get to the bathroom as he was left with a comode which was often left or worse still not returned when removed. I did complain twice to the doctors but felt their hands were tied. He was told he could go home eventually, still very weak and unable to walk. Free to go at 8pm, so I had to scout around the wards till I found a wheelchair I could borrow, or my son would have had to carry his father out to the car park. My husband will be very reluctant to be admitted again, and I don’t blame him.

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