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“Ordered yesterday and arrived today. Really easy to perform the test and easy to read and understand the result.”

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Home HIV testing
 Patient on 13th March 2018

Ordered from Amazon so quick and discreet. Quick and easy test. Lancet thing essentially painless. A really private way to reassure yourself and do your annual HIV screen at home. THIS POST HAS ALSO BEEN POSTED ON THE PEBL SITE WHICH IS DEDICATED TO TALK ABOUT HIV SELF TESTING. VISIT:-

 Patient on 23rd September 2017

A really great relief to have access to this simple and quick test which arrived within 24hrs of speaking with HertsAid (free service). They were extremely helpful on the phone. It was the first time I've used a self-test kit and it was totally user friendly ie simple, clear instructions for everyone. Currently, I understand the self-test identifies antibodies only. Hopefully future kits may include for antigens also (which may help with detection of more recent infections ?) Nevertheless a great tool in the HIV arena. Thank you.

 Patient on 25th July 2017

Fast and discrete delivery also abroad. Test was very well described. Some steps required using force quite a lot, so it was good to have notes about them. Waiting these tests to become more popular and cheaper :)

 Patient on 06th June 2017

Very clear instructions and easy test to use (even with shaking hands!!) So much better getting a result in 15 minutes than having to wait and worry for days. Happily clear and will be using the self test again to confirm that I stay that way.

 Patient on 31st May 2017

I used to work in the field of HIV, and as a gay man i've made some pretty bad choices in terms of sexual activity so it seems all the more weird that i'd never taken an HIV test until now.... i definitely had a 'head in the sand' approach. this home test allowed me privacy and very high accuracy in discovering my status. i decided to test after seeing a recent tv programme about testing accuracy and treatments, and also about PrEP: things have changed a lot and i felt that now was the time to find out what my situation is so that i can be more proactive with future choices. half an hour ago i thought on the balance of things, and with my history that i was probably HIV positive: turns out i'm not. be brave, it's worth it. i know myself pretty well, so it's important i get onto a PrEP programme now, but had the result been otherwise i would have sought the correct treatment and stuck to it... i guess it was just the right time for me to take some control back!

 Patient on 01st February 2017

Im so scared of going to the GUM clinic and getting tested then waiting two weeks for a result and wondering if i missed the call etc and if they have lost my records etc (not unknown in the NHS these days) basically i have really bad anxiety, so i ordered this for next day delivery, i wanted my nan to be there because the thought of finding out i could have HIV by my self was quite scary. But finally got the guts to do it and happy with the result.

 Patient on 19th October 2016

I'd been thinking about my HIV status on and off for a few months, but couldn't/wouldn't commit to going to the local STI clinic. So I decided to get a kit, which arrived (with no identifying details) by noon the next day. I thought long and hard about how I would react if I got a positive result, so I was as prepared as I could be - I decided it would be best for me to be on my own, others may differ on that count! On one level the kit is quite imposing, but once you've read the instructions a couple of times it really is simple and fool-proof. Even whilst I was a little nervous, the instructions were simple, clear, with clear diagrams for each stage. In the end, the most daunting stage was using the lance to get blood. Not normally squeamish, it took a couple of false starts before I got the courage. From then on everything was plain sailing. Once the test had started I put a bottle of wine in the fridge - I figured it would be useful regardless of the result. I would honestly encourage any & everyone to use this kit for convenience and reassurance. Good luck!

 Patient on 14th August 2016

Fantastic service, arrived quickly, discretely packaged, very easy to use, taking the blood sample wasn't bad at all - and I am super scared of blood or needles (thank God there's no ordinary needle involved). It took me half an hour to force myself to push it on my finger, that's how bad I am. From then it was just down the hill, quick, easy and comfortable. The sexual health clinic in my city (Bradford) was closed down and I was really put off by how it works now - my GP said I have to call a special line and find out where the sexual health tests can be done and where I could get an appointment. Previously the Bradford clinic offered convenient and anonymous drop in morning sessions. I was thrilled to see the advert of your service and I couldn't believe it's free! I must admit I found the advert on Grindr app (how embarrassing). Thank you ever so much for your service. I don't know when I would actually force myself to book an appointment and get myself all the way to wherever the sexual health screening is done. Although I'm not very sexually active, my last test was two years ago... Now I know I am healthy and no risk to anyone.

 Patient on 04th July 2016

Arrived really fast, was super simple to use, barely even felt the finger prick. Getting home tested is so easy and must have better compliance than visiting GUM clinics. Will definitely use service again.

 Patient on 04th July 2016

Had been wanting to take a HIV test for a while, but the nearest STD/GUM clinic is 3 buses away, the nearest walk in centre is over half an hour away and open only at weird times and my GP is already unhelpful on LGBT+ issues so I didn't want to go there. Getting the self-test through the post was, therefore, brilliant. I set it up, took the test and in 15 minutes had a negative result. Very easy, very quick. Plus, getting the test via the Terrence Higgins Trust meant I had immediate access to support should I need it - which fortunately today I didn't. All in all, a worthwhile experience.

 Patient on 29th June 2016

Struggle to get into clinic with ongoing issues in life and work. Arrived next day; fantastically easy to use and as someone with a bipolar depressive disorder it spared me the long wait in a situation and a process which whilst I appreciate we are lucky to have such facilities in the UK; it still causes me terrible anxiety. So thank you. It's an easier option for me, the user, and one would think takes pressure off an overstretched clinic.

 Patient on 29th June 2016

Arrived after 3 days very easy to use Thanks

 Patient on 03rd March 2016

Meant to go to a clinic but my sister told me about biosure as she was a tester.I think it's great to have access to such tests at home.However- although there is the opaque bag- if you live with someone else they would wonder why a sealed bag or seemingly unopened package has been thrown out- leading to uncomfortable answers. Also the box was clearly marked HIV test so again - if u live with someone the privacy bit goes out the window eg i was quite pre occupied with other things and i opened the outer packaging then got distracted and left the box on my dining room table. Luckily i live alone- but left me wondering if you have a room mate they would see that u want to test for HIV. So maybe make a box thats less conspicuous. I found the instructions easy to follow but initially found it daunting to go through the information because of the large booklet which makes it look like there's lots to do. A leaflet like the pregnancy tests should suffice i think. Lastly- how do i know I'm not the 1:1000 with a false negative result??

HIV Self Tester
 Patient on 26th February 2016

Very clear instructions. Easy to use. The test arrived quickly and in a discreet packaging. It is very useful and I hope it will reach 100% accuracy soon.

 Patient on 07th December 2015

BioSure Self-Test was great. Package arrived quickly, there are no labels so maintains your privacy. Packaging is robust and even comes with an opaque disposal pouch. Instructions are very clear and easy to follow, very simple procedure. Great that it comes with guidance should you have a positive result. Will definitely recommend and use again in the future!

 Patient on 02nd December 2015

Just out of longterm relationship and wanted to check my status while waiting to see what happens next in my life. Test arrived very quickly and easy to use. Suited my personal circumstances just fine in terms of privacy.

 Patient on 24th November 2015

I live in Italy and the HIV test here is only available in general blood clinics without any support and takes a few days. And in a foreign language it feels even more intimidating. I would still prefer to go to a specialist clinic but I was impressed with how quickly the test arrived and how easy it was to use. Personally I was reassured by the solid and well-designed packaging. There is no space for confusion. And something as important should not be cheap or confusing.

 Patient on 05th October 2015

Hi, thanks for your post Extensive research has proven our HIV self test is extremely accurate when performed correctly, with similar accuracy to a pregnancy test. The control line is a sample control line, so it will only react and become visible if the test is done correctly with enough human blood. • It has a proven clinical sensitivity (if a person has HIV how often the test will be positive) of 99.7%, this means that on average 997 in every 1,000 positive results will be correct. • It has a proven clinical specificity (if a person doesn’t have HIV how often will the test be negative) of 99.9%, this means that on average 999 in every 1,000 negative results will be correct. We have included this in the packaging and on the website so I’m sorry it has not been clear to you. I hope this helps but please let us know if you have any other questions.

 Patient on 01st October 2015

Information about the reliability of the test seems unavailable. The publicity says "BioSure HIV Self Test is over 99.7% accurate" but without explaining what this means. That three HIV-free people in every 1000 HIV-free people tested will show up as positive? That results will be indeterminate in 0.3% of cases?

 Patient on 18th July 2015

Very easy to test, even when you're shaking as I was! I have learning difficulties and found the instructions easy to follow which is a real necessity with this kind of stuff; often those of us with such disabilities need more guidance than most, so 5/5 to BioSure. Happily, result was negative and my mind was put at rest. As stated in earlier feedback on here, the reassurance given in case of a positive result was a very nice touch. Needs to be legalised in other countries too. see all the HIV self test blogs :- Go to:- PEBL HIV SELF TEST

 Patient on 10th July 2015

Arrived quickly, instructions were simple and easy to follow. The packaging while possibly more fancy than necessary ensured that there could be no errors in doing or most importantly reading the test. Despite the test being so easy to do, waiting for the result was the longest 15mins of my life. Happily a negative result appeared :-) The information and reassurance offered should the result have been positive was a lovely addition and hopefully helpful to anyone who tests positive.

 Patient on 14th June 2015

The self test kit arrived very quickly, but I put off using it for a few months! Result: negative. It was nice to be able to complete the test in the privacy of my own home in my own time. Really easy to use with very clear instructions. I agree with the other person's comments here though: the packaging/documentation seems like the most expensive part of the kit! Having said that, I feel it was money well spent in my case. Very good kit.

 Patient on 23rd May 2015

Great! The test kit arrived really quickly and was perfect for discreet use and peace of mind. My only thought would be that as lovely as all the packaging was, it seems a little wasteful, particularly if you were testing yourself regularly. I appreciate that the contents need to stay safe in shipping and you need a solid surface to stand the test up in, but the materials used seemed very fancy for something that is essentially a disposable test.

 Public on 14th May 2015

Living in Jersey there was a little delay with shipping but the organisation I purchased the test from was very quick at finding a solution. I did put myself at risk a couple of times in the last year but well over 3 months ago. I had some friends in London that died from Aids so I guess there was always an element of worry in the back of my mind. The test was very easy to perform and I am pleased it was clearly negative! The packaging and instructions are very professional and I now feel very relieved!!

 Patient on 13th May 2015

I have dry mouth and having seen half the specialists in HKG, Who confirmed I don't have diabetes, Sjögren's syndrome, RA and other autoimmune and having been checked by my dentist. I noticed dry mouth can be a symptom of HIV, although I have not put myself at risk sexually I thought I would confirm my status with a Bio sure self test. Simple to use with clear instructions. Negative , so still don't the cause of my dry mouth.

 Patient on 06th May 2015

I used this as an experiment, and found the test very easy to use and to understand. I was very impressed by how quickly the test arrived (on a Sunday morning, over a Bank Holiday!). For people with access to an STI clinic, I would still recommend that route and the direct contact with a trained professional; but if for any reason someone doesn't want to or can't access HIV testing at an STI clinic then the BioSURE test is a very welcome product. I worry that the cost of the test might exclude some people who have the least access to clinics and therefore the greatest need. The test should be available in pharmacies, ideally at a substantially lower price. I also hope that more prominent safer sex messaging will be included in the packaging in the future: inevitably the test will be used by some people directly prior to sexual encounters as an assurance to their partners that they do not have HIV, but because of the window of up to 3 months during which infection cannot be detected by the test, a negative result is not a guarantee that anyone, but particularly that someone who frequently engages in riskier sexual behaviour, does not have HIV and cannot pass it on. A lot of people mistakenly understand that undetectable means uninfectious, but that applies to undetectable virus rather than undetectable antibodies, and BioSURE tests for the latter. All in all, a very welcome addition to the UK safer sex landscape.

 Patient on 30th April 2015

HIV selftest was amazing. My nearest GUM clinic is 10 miles away with very restricted opening times. This was quick and easy and now I have the confirmation I need to move forwards. A fantastic product. Needs to be legalised everywhere.

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