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HIV self test - Scotsman's story

I read about the new self test on Monday morning BBC news website, checked out the biosure website, read the instructions of how to use the test, and ordered one at a cost of approx £30 with free delivery, (Guaranteed next day delivery costs £6 extra). I payed with Paypal, so no entering of details, just a few clicks later I was done.

It’s now the next day, Tuesday, test arrives with the postie, he wouldn’t have a clue what it was due to the packaging.

I open the package, re-read the instructions, went and washed my hands, made a mug of Tea, and then sat down and did the test. The lancet did not hurt, only a wee sharp prick and out came some blood after a few seconds, the test tube needed a bit of encouragement to take up enough blood, but it did that easily enough, after firmly placing the end of the test tube in the buffer pot I sat back and enjoyed my mug of Tea.

I checked it was working after a few minutes, it was, after 15 mins, checked the results, test says Negative.

Job Done.

Personally I don’t feel any relief from now knowing I am negative, but I have had some risky experiences in my past, and I should have had a test, long ago, but my fear of syringes has kept me ignorant, or worse yet, complacent, so I am now glad I know for sure that I am negative for HIV.

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