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HIV self test - "relieved"

I first heard about the Biosure HIV self test on the TV literally 48 hours ago. I am a gay man, 61 years old, and despite being in an 18 year relationship with a man with HIV and then aids, I never got myself tested. The relationship ended 8 years ago (he is still very well by the way) and I guess that fear took over with regard to getting myself tested. Although I practice safe sex, the doubt was always there.
The test arrived only 24 hours later. it took me a further hour to build up the courage to actually perform the test! I then just did stupid things around my flat waiting for the result and not daring to look at the tester. The result came back negative and I had the most incredible feeling of relief.
If this self test had not been available I would have kept putting off a visit to the clinic because of the fear factor. The service from Biosure was amazing and I want to thank you so much.

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