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Had a very bad time on Nightingale Ward, but excellent care on Locke Ward and the C.C.U. (P.A.H. Harlow)

I was admitted to P.A. at Harlow on the 9/1/2012 as it was the first time I had been admitted to hospital I wondered what to expect.My fears were completely unfounded as the whole range of staff from Doctors,Nurses and Domestic staff were exceptional,very friendly and always willing to chat and explain.I was initially in the C.C.U. and from there went on to Locke Ward.With both these units they were kept spotless by the staff.In fact it seemed if a bit of dust settled a domestic would be there to clean it up. Now unfortunately we come to the worst bit.I was moved from Locke ward to Nightingale ward and I found this a disgusting place to be.There was no seats on the toilets and the curtains around the bed were torn. Thank God I was only in there for one night.I do feel that if I have to go hospital again,and they try to put me in there I will discharge myself.To finally cap my displeasure on the way out I met a nurse from Locke ward who asked me where I was going.I said home she replied not with that cannula in your arm.They had left that in in nightingale ward

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