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Patient of Harlow about GP Surgery



Had a rash misdiagnosed - But: “Once you complain, you are stigmatised”

At my regular GP’s office, I used to make appointments with whatever GP was available at the practice when I needed to go there. This does not bother me at all. I went to an appointment that I made and the doctor that I saw told me in these words and I quote ‘you are old’. In context, this meant that I was not worth treating and I was very insulted. I am not old, I am in my early 40’s and if that is old, then as a society, we should really be worried. I resented being told that I was old. I have wanted to complain about this for some time but did not know who to tell about it. Once you complain, then you are stigmatised. Also, at this same practice, I had a rash on my torso. I went in to have it looked at. I had been out hiking at the weekend. The young doctor that I saw was brand new and just acquired her status, she was so young and it was easy to see that she had no life experience and I do not mean to be insulting to her, but this is the truth. She told me that hundreds of little bugs flew up my shirt and bit me. I sat there gobsmacked. This is not what happened. I then met a little old lady at the bus stop to whom I started a conversation. We ended up talking about the doctors office and I told her what happened. She asked to see my rash. I showed it to her and she asked if I had come in contact with any nettle. I said yes, in fact, I touched a nettle on my hike at the weekend by accident. She then told me that the rash was a consequence of the nettle. Now, how come the “doctor” was not able to tell me this but a little old lady at the bus stop was able to tell me this? Hundreds of little bug bites it was not… it was nettle rash. And the fact that she did not know this is shocking and insulting considering she is only 20 years old and she should not be telling patients that they have been bitten by hundreds of tiny little bugs.

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