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Relative of West Essex about A+E



Grandson was turned away from A&E without proper assessment.. and then sent back again. Services need to work together!

Does anyone think the same as me when PCT’s say they have no money…. Is it because genuine patients are turned away from A&E only to have to represent themselves an hour (if your lucky) later? My grandson who is one and a half was turned away from A&E and told to go home and call the ‘out of hours GP’. I would like to know how a nurse can fully assess a child that age, with a bleeding ear, without looking at him. At no time did she look at my grandson, after all how could she from behind her very high desk and him still sitting in his pushchair. My son was just told to go home only to be resent to A&E by the ‘out of hours GP’!! So is the PCT being charged twice for this wealth of wisdom? The fact that my grandson was seen on his second ‘trip’ out to A&E was successful, he was this time fully assessed (but only because he by-passed the nurse at reception) and was referred to the Ear Nose & Throat doctor straight away. Again, I must question though whether this would constitute a third payment? The services in our communities need to work together and PCT’s and GP’s need to make sure reliable services are carrying on good work once the surgeries are closed. If not only to save money but to prevent people being given the ‘run-a-round’ at a time when they are already feeling very debilitated.


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