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Lucky girl



Good service by the NHS

I recently had surgery in the Elective Care Centre at Colchester Hospital. I can only sing their praises. From my first visit to see the consultant through two gastroscopies followed by surgery.
My consultant was a lovely lady who explained everything to me. She herself performed one of my gastroscopies.
I was seen for pre-op assessments and the whole process lasted one and a half hours. Everything was explained again and I was given leaflets which covered every aspect of the experience and what to expect from going in to my recovery. I was given numbers to phone if I had any questions before hand.
On the day of surgery the consultant visited me before theatre and after surgery and I had excellent care. I remained in hospital an extra day because I couldn’t swallow but when I was ready to go home I was asked by the ward doctor if I felt well enough to leave.
I was given a form to fill in before I left the ward asking about my experience, cleanliness and attitude of staff amongst other things.
I feel it’s also important to commit to paper the good practice of our hospitals too.
There are good and bad in every walk of life. I know I work for a local Council. Need I say more. You always hear the bad side of things but not enough about the good practice and good care.
I am grateful to our NHS we are so fortunate to have it

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