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Patient of West Essex about Princess Alexandra Hospital



From home birth to emergency in PAH.

“Even though I showed interest in a home birth from the first antenatal appointment, I had to be the person to chase the procedures. I feel that the fact that I saw different midwives and different GP’s in my practice for my appointments, nobody felt the responsibility to give me information about the home birth. I feel that if it wasn’t for my own perseverance, nobody would have followed up on it and I would have been booked in for a hospital birth. If I can make a suggestion, I would definitely make sure that there is a better follow up on people who are interested in a home birth. As everything else in life: not everything goes as planned, so we ended up in hospital after all. My waters broke and there was poo, so we had to come in. With no contraction they started induction. After a pessary and 7 hours of drips it turned out the baby was breached. It took 5 minutes to get a portable scanner out and it was confirmed. I don’t really get why they don’t do a quick scan for everyone coming in with problems. This could have saved the NHS a lot of money in my case. The ward was very small and busy/noisy especially at visiting hours. Other then that the care was great. The midwifes were great and also the after care is great, receiving regular calls and visits. Many thanks for the team looking after me!”

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