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Patient of West Essex about Midwifery



Found things brilliant on the whole but had one horrible experience ...

I have just had the ‘perfect’ birth in Cambridge at the Rosie and am now back in the system for aftercare in Harlow. The midwifery team seem brilliant on the whole but I have had one horrible experience. The lady was clearly having a bad day…when she arrived all she could do was criticise me and my parenting skills. Firstly, she said I was burping the baby wrongly but couldn’t / wouldn’t help me to to it ‘right’, secondly I was wrong for putting scratch mits on him as he wouldn’t be able to understand the sense of touch, despite the fact he had long nails which I was about to cut. We then had a series of other things ‘wrong’, he’d lost weight from his birth weight…I understand this to be perfectly normal but she just commented that his weight was down and not whether I should be worried etc or that this is in fact perfectly normal. She then stated he was jaundice so they would have to make an additional visit to me…again no help as to what to do about it. She then made it clear to my partner we were the last visit on her Sat am – it was quite clear she just wanted to get on with her day. Once she left I was quite angry and just very grateful that my partner and best friend were here so we could all laugh about the visit. Every other person who I have coming into contact with has been polite, professional, kind and quite gushing about how well I am doing and what a sweet baby he is – I couldn’t fault them. But it’s a shame some people do the jobs they do and with such little regard for how a new mother (5 days in) would be feeling and the impact they can have. …The only other comment I have is that it would be nice to have a bit of clue when the midwives are likely to visit. As vague as am or pm would be helpful.

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