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Relative of West Essex



Concerned about varying levels of support.

I am concerned that although we are all going to die it is very clear that depending on the area in which we live depends on the care we could receive. I live in West Essex and feel I will be lucky with the care provision available to me. However how do we know if we choose to move away what we could get. There should be government money to ensure that all services are equal. A friend has just died in another area and the care they received was very limited to the experience I had when looking after my elderly mother at home. I couldn’t fault the nurses care and the guidance they gave me. They supported me and were the go between with the GP. However a very different experience of a friend who had to fight for any sort of service and equipment was non existent. With the death rates due to rise in the next few years as we all approach old age, money and services need to focus on getting it right. I just hope that the area which I live continues to maintain the high stands we received and that cut backs in services do not affect this essential aspect of care. This is one aspect of health care provision that is not going to go away or reduce however healthy we all try to be!

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