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Patient of West Essex about Broomfield Hospital



Broomfield fail on discharge and follow up

I was discharged the first week in July from Broomfield Hospital with the promise of a follow up appointment -one has never arrived. When I visited my surgery to get more tablets I had to wait half a day for my discharge summary to be faxed so that my GP could provide me with medication I urgently needed. I have phoned Broomfield hospital to get a follow up appointment this week as still not arrived. I was told the consultants name I had been given there were in fact 5 Doctors with that name did I want a Lady or a man or which one did I want, as my notes dont tell them! Again my GP is left to sort this out. No wonder you can never get a GP appointment they must be so bogged down with sorting out the hospitals lack of communication or administration! So now my GP is left supporting me while I wait.

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Still Waiting
 Patient on 30th October 2012

update - Thanks PALS! After a member of my family contacted the PALS service today at Broomfield this was sorted by a very nice lady and within an hour I have my follow up appointment in a few days time. Thank you to PALS and the Blog helped me find the service so thanks to you to.I was able to contact the GP surgery and save them a job!

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