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Parkie C



After months of waiting, neurology appointment is put of until next year...

Hello all, my doctor diagnosed me as having Parkinson’s disease 8 month’s ago but said I would have to see a neurologist before I could receive any medication. after waiting 6 month’s I went back to the doc who said she would send another referral letter, that was in mid Oct 2012. I subsequently got a appointment for early Dec 2012. A couple of week’s ago I was really bad and shaking uncontrollably so my Daughter phoned the neurology dept at the hospital and asked for an appointment for Dad earlier as my condition was getting worse and that when I had a bad day I couldn’t even walk. The receptionist said she would leave a note on the computer. I simply couldn’t believe what I was reading when I received a letter from the neurology dept a few day’s later stating that because my neurologist was suffering ill health my appointment would have to be put on hold and my new appointment was now towards the end of Jan 2013. Make’s me proud to be British, what a state this country is in.

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 Public of West Essex on 17th May 2013

Still no responses from the NHS officials to the complaints and comments about their departments.  Are they too afraid to comment?

 Public of West Essex on 17th May 2012

  According to The Princess Alexandra Hospital website there are three neurologists so if one is sick why can't you have an appointment with one of the others?  That is if this hospital was the one you chose to use.

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