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Was it proved?

Hi . Is it a general assumption or was it proved that the Biosure HIV selftest kit will detect an infection at 7 days past seroconversion illness ?

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 20th October 2020

Hi John01, Although HIV does not survive long outside of the body, the test still would have been able to detect antibodies in the blood after 15 minutes or more. The symptoms you are experiencing do not suggest HIV infection alone, and it is likely that you would have already gone through seroconversion if you were to be exposed to HIV. The fact that you have performed 3 tests inside of the window period and they have all been negative is a really good indication of your status. Your final negative result at 100 days is wholly accurate and conclusive - you do not need to retest. Kindest regards, Becky

 Used on 18th October 2020

Hi good day again. I took the biosure test at 39 day 42 day 58 and day 100 all negative . However on day 100 i noticed around 15 minutes later that the test is not running. I pressed it and checked the result after 15 minutes it was completely negative with no reaction of the test line and the strength of the blood was very good . My first question is that if my blood had hiv antibodies would they have died as I took a little big longer to press? My symptoms is muscle aches and they have been running for 9 weeks sometimes lymph nodes . 2nd questions is the biosure test against seroconvesion panels. If the muscle aches are seroconvesion would the test been positive? 3rd . If the antibodies would be dead by the delay is the test conclusive?

Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 21st September 2020

Hi John01, It is very unlikely that the aches you are experiencing are due to HIV infection. It varies between each individual but most people experience symptoms around 1-2 weeks after infection and symptoms usually last for a few days to a week or so. If you are experiencing aches around 6 weeks after a potential exposure and for the length of 6 weeks then it is very likely that these aches are related to something else. Aching alone also does not suggest HIV infection. I would recommend seeing your doctor about the aching if they persist but not due to HIV. Your negative result at 8 weeks is also a very good indication that the aches are not caused by HIV infection, just remember to retest at 12 weeks for a conclusive result. I hope this helps, Becky

 Used on 20th September 2020

Hi .What type of people experience late ARS symptoms because my body had been aching since 6 weeks and tested negative at 8 weeks but it is still aching

Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 16th September 2020

Hi John01, Seroconversion or acute HIV infection, sometimes referred to as ARS, usually begins at around 1-3 weeks after initial infection. During this time, most people will experience flu like symptoms such as fever and chills, headache, muscle aches and pains etc. Around 3 weeks after infection, those symptoms will begin to disappear and the individual will become asymptomatic which often leads people to thinking they simply had a cold or flu. Testing after a risky exposure is the only way to know if you may have contracted HIV. If you have tested negative at 58 days (around 8 weeks), this is a very good indication that you are HIV negative. At 6 weeks, 95% of people will have produced enough antibodies for the BioSURE HIV self test to give a reliable result. Your negative result is accurate and it is very unlikely to change between 8 and 12 weeks but you must retest again at 12 weeks for a conclusive result. It is very unlikely that your muscles aches you are experiencing are related to HIV but of course if your symptoms persist, I would recommend to visit your doctor to discuss these further on an unrelated note. I hope this information helps. Kindest regards, Becky

 Used on 15th September 2020

How long does ARS last I tested neg with biosure after 58 days and still have muscle aches

Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 09th September 2020

Hi John01, The BioSURE HIV self test can only conclusively detect infections 12 weeks post exposure. You can test at any time during this 12 week window period but your result will only be final after 12 weeks. I hope this information helps. Kindest regards, Becky

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