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Unprotected oral sex

Hello. i had unprotected oral sex (from me to her and from her to me) on 15 February. After a week. With the same girl i had again unprotected oral sex (just from her). I stardted to worry about hiv because i was tired, i had swollen lips, body rash. I did a test 2 weeks after on Chelsea hospital and the results are negative, i did another test (24th April) in healthcare clinic and the result still negative. 11th May I buy Biosure hiv test and i was still negative. But I’m worried. I read a lot on google and i think I make a mistake. Have any chance to be positive? What u suggest to me?
Sorry for my English. Thank you

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Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 19th May 2020

Hi LVC, Your negative result with BioSURE HIV self test at 86 days is conclusive and there would be no need for you to retest. The BioSURE test has a built in sample control line which essentially means that means that if your test was faulty, the control line would not show and it would be clear that your test has failed to work. As long as you could only see that single control line then your test result is definitely negative. I would suggest not to read everything on Google as sometimes this only makes your anxiety worse. Read from trusted sources and remember that not all HIV tests are the same. The ones carried out previously at the hospital are most likely to be fourth generation tests and therefore have a shorter window period than our test which is second generation, so most likely your results with those at that time would also be conclusive. I hope this information helps. Kindest regards Becky

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