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Transmission from dried blood

I am very embarrassed to be writing this as I’m probably worrying for nothing but I have an extreme fear of acquiring HIV after just testing negative and knowing my status.
So here’s the thing- my dog has a bandage around his head from an operation he had recently. I noticed that the bandage was clean when he came home (this will become relevant soon).

Now we had some people come round today to fix my fridge and tonight I noticed that there is dried blood smeared on his bandage. I’m really scared of getting HIV from touching this dried blood (I’ve been hugging and touching him all day and didn’t notice it) and I also masturbated this afternoon and I can’t remember if I’d washed my hands after touching his bandage. I’m so scared that maybe some of the virus was on my fingers at all and whether I can get HIV. I’ve checked my dog and it’s definitely not his blood so that’s why I’m stressing. It’s also worth mentioning that I live in an area with high HIV infections so it’s always a worry.

I’m not an expert at this stuff and everywhere I’ve checked said that HIV doesn’t survive long outside the body but I’m still scared. I’m almost feeling guilty that I masturbated this afternoon.
Help me please

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 28th September 2021

Hi Help!01, This is a safe space, you do not need to feel embarrassed at all. The dried blood on the bandage is likely to be your dogs' blood from the operation. Although it was clean when you arrived home, it is possible that the wound began to bleed. Given this, I would not be worried about HIV infection. Dried blood is a very low-risk transmission anyway as HIV cannot survive for long outside of the body. You are welcome to test if that may help to put your mind at rest, however, I would not have expected any transmission to have occurred. Hope this helps, Becky.

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