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The HIV self test kit was very effective, and results incredibly quick.

The HIV self test kit was very effective, and results incredibly quick. Although the 15 minute wait is nerve-racking, it’s considerably shorter than the several day wait from the home-kits which require laboratory analysis.

There is a LOT of information with the pack… but it’s all incredibly necessary. I would ensure that you read thoroughly before undertaking the test, and get to a place where you fully understand all that you need to do.

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 Used on 07th July 2015

I didn't think I was HIV+ as I never seem to get ill not even a summer cold but I'm embarking on an IVF journey and in the back of my mind I was aware that a positive result at the eleventh hour would cause delays in the process. I heard about the self test kit on TV and decided I had no excuse to put off being tested. Kit arrived with 48 hours. Extremely professionally packaged with very clear instructions. It would sit very comfortably on a high end shelf at Boots. The result was very clear and easy to interpret and I am negative. HIV can be treated so successfully these days so I wasn't so worried about being positive but I can't wait to be a Dad so now I have peace of mind and I'm really pleased with my result.

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