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Testing - what shall I do?

Am not an drug user or having sex with other people. I just have sex with my husband which is my partner for more than 12 years. I never put myself at any risk. Recently I was feeling very fatigue and had a very bad skin reaction. I was google That skin issues can be coused by hiv and I got scared. I did the test and the result came back negative. Now am having anxiety after the test what if the test is safe to use or can couse any harm in people without exsplosure. Am very stressed I cannot even sleep with my husband becouse I don’t want him to get anything. What shall I do shall I have another test by lab????

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 25th September 2020

Hi Worried, If you have never put yourself at risk you should not be worried about your result. The lancet can in no way put you at risk. Our HIV self test is CE marked, which means that it has passed all the necessary requirements to be able to be sold. The test has been through numerous performance studies and the lancet itself has been assessed. You need to try and move on and put this behind you. Kindest regards, Becky.

 Used on 21st September 2020

Hi Becky thank you for your response. Becouse I never put myself at any risk that’s why am worried And I regret why I tested but those scin rushes they really scared me. My life is not easy I’ve got i child with autism and he needs me. I know and I don’t mean to be mean but the lancet really worries me I know that it would be such a thing in sale but am thinking sort of things

Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 18th September 2020

Hi Worried007, There is nothing in the test that can cause harm or infection. The test is completely safe to use. The fact that you have not had an exposure suggests wholly that your negative result is reliable. People are recommend to test for HIV if they regularly put themselves at risk or have recently had a potential exposure. If you know you have not put yourself at risk then there is not necessarily a need to test for HIV. You can be confident in your negative result. Please do not retest at the clinic as these resources could be used for someone who really needs it. I want to reassure you that although you are experiencing symptoms, please do not rely on everything that you read online. Skin problems are very uncommon with HIV infection - some infected individuals may experience rashes on their chest etc. but only around a third of people experience these anyway. These symptoms alone do not suggest HIV infection but if they persist I would recommend talking to your GP or doctor about this but totally unrelated to HIV. I hope this helps, kindest regards Becky

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