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Test execution

I had a negative test only with control line – but due to the anxiety I moved the test more times from one table to another while It was running. Could the movements have affected the test reaction? Can I exclude false negative for this reason?

Thank you.

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Becky Smith, BioSure UK LTD
 Work on 22nd May 2020

Hi TestUser, The BioSURE self test has been through numerous performance evaluations to assess the stability of the product. There is no evidence to suggest that the test performs poorly under circumstances where the test is shaken or moved whilst running. Although, this is not exactly advised to do so it would not have much of an effect on your result. The sample control line is specific to our test where by if your test has failed to work, the control line would not be visible and would be clear to the end user that the test had failed. Often, when users lay their tests down too soon during the testing process, there is a red smudge that can appear at the very bottom of the strip. This occurs due to the nature of the strip and is simply a migration of the blood sample. It does not affect your result and is nothing to worry about. I hope this information helps. Kindest regards, Becky

 Used on 21st May 2020

Thank you Becky. Just to stop my anxiety... Has the stability/strength of the test been offically tested? In other words, has the test been prooved with normal incovinients (table movements, surface vibrations...). Thank you again, also for your patience.

Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 11th May 2020

Hi TestUser, This should have no effect on your result. As long as you received the control line, your test has run properly. False negative results most likely occur when a user tests inside of the window period. Kindest regards, Becky

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