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Anxious after Oral sex



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I received oral sex from a male for some seconds and we kissed 4 and half weeks ago , starting from the second week i began having a swollen lymph node in my neck i tested after 30 days and its negative , i heard if the swollen lymph node was due to HIV i should have tested positive 7 days after , and its been 3 weeks since i had this swollen node

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Becky Smith, BioSure UK LTD
 Work on 27th May 2020

Hi Anxious, At 5 weeks, around 50% of people will have produced enough antibodies for the test to give an accurate result. A negative result at 5 weeks is an indication of your result but cannot be relied upon wholly since there is no way of knowing whether you are in that 50 percent. I would always recommend that you retest again at 12 weeks using our test for a conclusive result. However, depending on the window period of the 4th generation test performed, usually the period is 4 weeks and therefore a negative result from that test may well be conclusive and you may not need to retest. Kindest regards, Becky

 Used on 25th May 2020

Hello , i retested again using 4th generation test after 5 weeks and Biosure as well, both are negative, what are the chances of that results to change

Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 18th May 2020

Hi Anxious after oral sex, If you have used a BioSURE HIV self test to test yourself at 30 days, please remember that the window period for this test is 12 weeks so although you have received a negative result, this may not be wholly relied upon until 12 weeks post exposure (84 days). The type of exposure you are describing is usually low risk, but if your sexual partner is of an unknown status, it is always best to test so you have done the right thing, just remember to retest 12 weeks post exposure for a conclusive result. Kindest regards, Becky

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