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In October 2016 I used my first BioSure HIV self test, and it was negative. The relief was instant and I promised myself I would never put myself at risk again! Roll forward 9 months and a drunken one night stand, what an idiot! I was convinced that I had been exposed to HIV, panicking on what I would do, how would I tell people, what would they think of me. I lay awake at night worrying until i decided enough was enough, I ordered a new kit! When it came I sat down, heart pounding and hands shaking and started the test. The fifteen minutes seemed like an eternity but once it was over my result was in, one line, I looked and looked to try and see if there was even the faintest hint of a second line but no! A negative result, the weight off my shoulders was immense. I cannot recommend this product highly enough, I will be subscribing to have regular tests sent to me from now on!

So the moral of my story is, don’t let your fear of a tiny little virus cripple you to quote biosure HIV is 3 letters not a sentence, know your status, take a stand and hold your head up high as someone who takes responsibility for their health!

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