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I’m 26, female, and recently tested positive for chlamydia. Holy crap, unsafe sex never felt so terrible. Even though I knew this could happen, it didn’t feel real, so I was careless. The idea that I could have something more dangerous played on my mind, I thought about going back to the doctors to get a blood test, then found this instead. (Thank you Google). Lets appreciate how much of an absolute “miracle” in modern medicine this is. There were no hidden costs, it arrived in two days, in a plain grey parcel, and I got my result in 15 minutes, AT HOME. The finger prick is almost unnoticeable, much better than my standard passing out at blood tests! I’m on top of the world, and I don’t have to give any more bad news to ex lovers.
The instructions are really clear, in large font. One end is attached to the “test area” box, the rest opens out so you’ve got all the important stuff in one place. Comfortingly close to keep checking you’re getting it right. After the 15 mins, you lay the test in a window at the end of the booklet, so your result becomes final part of the story, which is kinda neat.
If you test positive, there’s information on what to do next, and a reminder that it DOESN’T mean AIDS.
A heartening message for those who test negative “make choices that are right for you and be confident to ask for the sex that feels right for you”
Will do.
Thank you science, and thank you BioSure.

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