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Skin itching

Is itching on skin without rashes a symptom of hiv?

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Skin itching
 on 13th June 2018

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no reported false negative tests?
 on 07th August 2017

in various internet sources reference is made to the low number of reported false reactive tests reported out of the thousands of Biosure kits used in 2015-16 (I think 6 or 7) . No reference can be found regarding reported false negative results. Have any false negative tests been reported? If not this is an impressive result.
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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 14th June 2018

Hi Sam Thanks for getting in touch. Itching without a rash is not a known symptom of HIV infection. I hope that this helps. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

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