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first self test after partner discovered they were +



Self testing after partner was diagnosed

I was at work when my partner who lives abroad sent me the message which you never want to receive, I just got checked and the results came back as positive, living abroad we had not had sex since July (this was December).

Suddenly my heart raced, and I immediately went onto symptom checker websites, am I tired (yes) have I had one yeast infection (yes) i had tonsilitis briefly in the autumn (yes) my neck is stiff (yes) and suddenly I was convinced I had contracted HIV.

Suddenly I felt trapped – I could not get angry with my partner but I was so frightened to get a test, I thought I’ll get through Christmas and the New Year and do something about it in the new year. Every day I have made an excuse to myself why I wasn’t able to go the the clinic to get tested (which is 20 minutes away from my house).

Until I came across the biosure home self test. And thankfully I did, because I ordered it and paid for the express delivery (I think they should all come this way) and have just taken the test, my hand shook like jelly when I was unwrapping the test and trying to get enough blood out of my finger, then I waited the longest 15 minutes.

I keep looking at the result, and it is negative.

So many emotions are going through my mind, I suppose the biggest one is relief. I should have had this test done professionally a month ago, to anyone else experiencing anything like what I have been through, save yourself the anxiety, angst and emotional trauma and man up and get the test done ASAP, biosure could be one answer, professionally also is the other.

For completeness I am now going to get another test done at the local clinic, but for now I am satisfied with biosure and being able to find out in the confides of my own home.

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