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Scared that i have HIV after 2 tests

Hey I’m just an 19 year old boy who done wrong decisions over the past few months i slept with two girls but not in one day my first exposure was on the 16th September 202 my girlfriend and the second exposure was two weeks after was on the 29th September 2020 i slept with my friend. She said she was negative she went to check a month ago and
After sleeping with her i experienced a Discharge. 2 weeks after that i slept with my girlfriend on the 16th August 2020. After a second exposure with my girlfriend a week after i started having some HIV symptoms feeling windy while working, Headache, Rashes that didn’t itchy but red, joints pain,white tongue then on the 27th October 2020 i went to the clinic to check even though i was done thinking about it bcs i was convinced that i have HIV the result wear negative. After that i started experiencing more symptoms like painless mouth sores, mouth Ulcers, sore throat and the rash is still there… on the 20th November 2020 i bought a self test kit and it i was negative…

And during all this i told my girlfriend and my friend to go do some testing and both results wear negative now I’m confused and i just had cold sores 😞i feel tired daily and my stomach is acting up I’m even thinking of taking my own life bcs i know i have hiv😞 i don’t know what to do anymore i have been searching for symptoms and i have them all

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 17th December 2020

Hi Thomas01, Some of the symptoms you have described are similar to that of HIV but this is not to say that you have been infected nor does it suggest that your symptoms are related solely to HIV infection. Discharge, mouth ulcers, fatigue, headaches, rashes, joint pain, mouth sores etc. are more commonly known to be associated to other STI's such as syphilis or herpes that generally affect the mouth. It is great that you have taken the initiative to test for HIV, after being sexually active with more than 1 partner, but I would recommend if you haven't already, to test for all sexually transmitted infections just to be sure. Depending on the time since exposure and the type of test performed, a negative HIV result is a very good indication. You mentioned that you visited a clinic on 27th of October of this year and received a negative result. If your last exposure/sexual contact was the 29th of September then that is nearly 1 month later and most tests performed at clinics are 4th generation tests and therefore have a window period of around 4 weeks. This means that if you have tested around 4 weeks, since your last exposure, then your negative HIV result can be relied upon greatly. I'm sorry that you feel like you cannot live thinking and worrying about this but your life is worth so much more than this. The fact of the matter is that HIV is now treatable. Given, there is not yet a cure, but if diagnosed early enough, someone living with HIV can now live a long, normal and relatively healthy life. Do not beat yourself up about this, everybody makes mistakes. You have done the right thing in testing. I would perhaps recommend speaking to your doctor or GP to ask about the symptoms you are experiencing and take any advice they offer. We are not medical professionals and are predominantly experienced in HIV testing so please speak to your doctor to find out more about STI testing. Alternatively visit SH:24 to order a range of testing kits: I really hope this helps. Stay safe, Becky

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