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I was stressing out over the possibility of being HIV positive, so either way I knew I had to know. If positive, I knew I needed to make plans for treatment, how to share the information, and with whom. If negative, I could quit my worry get on with life. Either way, I knew that lessons had been learned.

I ordered the kit from, and by the following afternoon I had the kit. The instructions were complete and easy to follow (just make sure you read them carefully, then it’s best to mentally walk yourself through the procedure to make sure you understand them. The only thing I had to reassure myself of during the process was that the tip had actually taken up enough blood–it’s so little blood that it’s difficult to see. It appears that it will never be a problem as long as you have even a small droplet on your finger when you touch the tip into it.

Mine was negative, but as mentioned above, regardless of the result, knowing was most important for me. And being able to do it anonymously, by myself, resulted in my taking the test sooner than I would have otherwise. Thank you ever so much for making this kit available.

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